Track THIS – Change your identity through search history

I love it when I come across a tool that both is useful and fun to use.  Track THIS opens 100 different tabs which will make you seem like a hyperbeast, a filthy rich person, a doomsday prepper, or an influencer.

Why is this cool?

The main use of Track THIS is a “different form of incognito” browsing.  When you use Track THIS all you do is pick a persona and a 100 tabs will open up in your browser filling your search history crafted to your new identity.  The 100 websites open will poison and depersonalize your browsing history so advertisers won’t be able to accurately target you.  So simple I wish I thought of it.

How I use this tool

The obvious of use of the tool is to prevent you from being accurately tracked and profiled from ad and marketing firms.  Another great use is to basically step into someone else’s shoes by way of targeted advertising.  The ads targeted to the different identities that Track THIS creates are quite interesting and give you a good incite on how powerful these advertising networks are.



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