Track this


Track This

I love it when I come across a tool that both is educational and fun to use.  

It is common knowledge that when you use your web browser of choice that your browsing history recorded within the browser.  That history provides a form of “digital fingerprint” that marketers and companies like Google Ads use to target content to you.  Every search for a new car and then notice all the advertisements change to things like car insurance or getting a car loan?  That is because advertisers use data from your web browser to provide targeted ads to you.

What Track This Does?

When you use Track THIS all you do is pick a persona and 100 tabs will open up in your browser filling your search history crafted to your new identity.  The 100 websites open will overwrite and depersonalize your browsing history so advertisers won’t be able to accurately target you.   After you have filled your cache with a different persona you can’t be specifically targeted by your web browsers history. 

Test it out!

Step 1
Open your prefered profile and let if populate 100 tabs matching the profiles persona.

Step 2
Close your browser

Step 3
Browse the web normally and notice how ads displayed on websites change.

Hypebeast will open sites involving trendy fashions and music.

track this filthy rich

Filthy Rich will open sites involving  fashion, banking, business news, and luxury items.

Doomsday will open sites involving survival, outdoor equipment, and prepping.  

Influencer will open sites involving social media, popular products, and services.

How you can use this tool?

The obvious use of the tool is to prevent you from being accurately tracked and profiled by ad and marketing firms.  Another great use is to basically step into someone else’s shoes by way of targeted advertising.  The ads targeted to the different identities that Track THIS creates are quite interesting and give you a good insight into how powerful these advertising networks are.