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Remove your information from the internet

Data is one of the most powerful, profitable, and dangerous things in the digital age.  Everything from our internet usage, shopping habits, social media, credit history, basically everything that can be collected is being collected and indexed.

It is amazing what $5 and a basic piece of information such as a phone number can give someone where you live along with a treasure-trove of other personal data.

The good news is you can remove your data from these services!


Our list of companies and organizations that collect or sell your
personal data and how to remove your information from their databases.

A guide to through the data removal process, walking you through the tools and proven techniques to successfully delete your data from the internet.

Example emails and forms to help assist you when requesting an opt-out or data removal from a company or service.

Book Recommendation:

 If you want to improve your privacy, this is an all-encompassing guide on how you do it. It is hands-down one of the best resources on becoming anonymous and private, with very practical and knowledgeable advice. In addition, this edition updates us on estate planning and has extensive references on the topic of credit freezes. It also has a new chapter at the end that outlines chronology pretty well. 

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