facial recogintion


Reverse Image Search

It is a simple process to perform a reverse image search. Most of the top search engines such as Google and Bing do reverse image searches and some sites that specialize in it. Searching using an image is a potent tool since a picture can be a unique identifier. You can give incorrect information, but it is difficult to change your appearance.

What can you find out using a reverse image search? 

A quick image search can reveal:

  • Social media accounts using that picture or sharing a similar image.  
  • Professional or Business publications or websites sharing the image
  • Social groups or organizations sharing the image
  • Friends or Family sharing the image
  • Mugshots 
  • Unauthorized use of the image
  • Location or places the person has or goes to


Search using a profile photo to identify other social media or professional sites using the photo. Allowing you to match the name and other information to make sure you are not in a “catfish” scenario.

Searching for a headshot or other unique photos can help identify social media, websites, mugshots, and gather information about a person’s location or profession.

Search using your own photos to identify if they are being used without authorization or are providing the information you would rather not be shared.s

How To Do Reverse Image Search

To perform an image search, you need to find an image you want to search by either uploading it to a search engine or providing the URL to the picture.  The search engine will then search through all their image and facial recognition databases to provide you with your search results.

Note:  Most of these image search services are free, but some require registration or a fee for more advanced searches.