Redact Your Drivers License

Redacted Drivers License

As you go through the data removal process many companies will require you to submit your driver’s license or some other form of government-issued ID as proof of your identity. This requirement is a  concern for me because I do not trust these companies in the first place, the last thing I want is them to have my driver’s license sitting on their servers. There is no way to guarantee they will protect or even purge the information after verification is complete.

Luckily we can redact parts of our license providing only the data required for to meet the verification requirement.  The ONLY information required is your name and date of birth.




  1. Take a good picture or scan in your license and make sure all the boarders are seen.
  2. Use Microsoft Paint (or your preferred graphics editor) and use the shapes tool to cover all your information that is not required.
  3. Save your redacted license.
  4. Make sure to delete your original un-redacted license.


Redacted License